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Countryside Veterinary Clinic of Richmond

Companion Laser Therapy

Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy results are achieved when a sufficient dose of light energy reaches target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing.


Companion’s patented delivery system and detailed, species-specific protocols provide answers to dosing challenges that result in the best outcomes – every time. Superior outcomes are easily achieved on a wide variety of conditions, making the return on investment for a therapy laser better than any other piece of capital equipment in veterinary practice.  Get your return on investment consultation today.

As the nimble problem-solver on your team, laser therapy (photobiomodulation therapy), is fast-acting and versatile. This doctor-prescribed, technician-driven modality effectively treats a wide variety of conditions including pre-surgical, post-surgical, acute, and chronic disease states. Wow your clients with this proven therapy that wins favor with fast results, non-invasive delivery that patients enjoy. And did we mention cute eyewear that clients love?

Clinical Applications

Laser therapy can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including:

  • Dental Procedures

  • Infections

  • Sprains & Strains

  • Degenerative Joint Disease

  • Fractures

  • Wounds

  • Lick Granuloma

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Post-Surgical

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Inflammation